Acer saccharinum (silver maple)


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Silver maple is the fastest growing native maple in New England. It is found on riverbanks and is attractive with its silver underside leaves. It is an attractive tree to pollinators and although it grows fast, may only reach 50′ in New England, but will have a girthy trunk. Acers are a keystone species, there are 238 caterpillar species that use this tree as a host plant. It provides shelter to animals and is also deer resistant!

Acer saccharinum (silver maple)

  • Full sun, part shade
  • 50′-65′, 30-50′
  • Wet Soil
  • Keystone Species (Hosts 260+ caterpillars)
  • Yellow and Bronze Fall Foliage
  • Shade Tree
  • Compaction Tolerant
  • Fast Growing
  • Supports Wildlife
  • Deer/Rabbit Resistant
  • PH Target 4-7.3

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