Native Plant Nursery

Native Plant Nursery

 OPEN for retail, Wednsday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.! Or by appointment.

Native perennials, trees, grasses and shrubs for re-establishing beauty and biodiversity in New England gardens and landscapes. Most of our plants are seed grown, contributing to genetic diversity. Most of our plants are New England ecotypes and straight species. Although we do have a small guilty pleasures collection of wonderful natives that can be found just outside the New England range, but offer powerful benifits in the garden and are well behaved. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about special dates, new availability, sales, and more! Visit Our Story page to learn more about the vital role native plants play in our local ecosytems! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be educated and entertained!

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We are a woman owned and operated ecologically motivated nursery focusing our efforts on growing and selling native keystone and pollinator plants. We are carrying a large selection of native perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees. In our first year we are offering these in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, from 3" to 3 gallon pots, are hope being that our plants are attanable to everyone's budget and needs. Our goal is to increase biodiversity in our community and beyond. Please visit Our Story to learn more about us and helping our local ecosystems and global environment.


We are adding new inventory every week so be sure to "join the waitlist" for any individual plants and thier size to be notified as soon as they are restocked! Just follow the link to that plants page and choose your size then enter email if it is not available.

Shop the Asclepias (Milkweed) Collection

We offer a variety of Milkweed plants. All of our milkweeds are native to New England.

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We offer a variety of aster plants. All of our asters are native to New England.

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We offer a variety of goldenrod plants. All of our goldenrods are native to New England.

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We offer a variety of mountain mint plants. All of our mountain mints are native to New England.

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We offer a variety of dogwood plants. 

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We offer a variety of oak plants. All of our oaks are native to New England.

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We offer a variety of paw paw trees. 

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 Gift cards are redeemable for in-person orders at our nursery. Give us a call to inquire about purchasing a gift card. Available for pickup or to be shipped anywhere in the US. Not available for purchase through our website.

A Sustainable Approach to Our Native Plant Nursery

Bringing over 25 years of experience  specializing in working with organics, pollinators, meadows, and native landscapes to growing native plants. 

Almost all of our native plants are seed grown and native to the United States. Most are New England ecotypes and straight species. 

We are offering our perennials in 3″ to 1 Gallon sizes and shrubs and trees in 2 Quart to 2 Gallon sizes. As well as a large selection of conepots for deep root systems.

Our nursery is dedicated to growing all of our material with high quality organic amendments, no synthetic chemicals or materials, and with the lowest environmental impacts we can muster. We never use neonicotinoids, which are deadly to native and honey bees and other pollinators.

Bulk Discounts On Native Plants For Industry Professionals

We offer native plants in bulk discounts to qualifying businesses, non profits, and resellers. Follow the link below to register for our bulk discount program.