Lindera Benzoin (northern spicebush)


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Northern Spicebush is a wonderfully fragrant understory shrub. It has berries for the birds in fall, as long as you plant a male with the females, and hosts the larvae of swallowtail butterflies. It’s early flowers attract and support many pollinators when there is not much else. It can grow in many conditions, although will be more uniform in the sun with adequate moisture, part shade it does best. Fall foliage color along with it’s red berries it is a wonderful shrub that can get 6-12′ and is deer resistant. Works great in a mixed hedge.

Lindera Benzoin (northern spicebush)

  • 6′-12′ Height, 6′-12′ Width
  • Full Sun to Full Shade
  • Wet to Average Soil
  • Spring Bloom
  • Fruit Summer/Fall
  • Fragrant
  • Rain Garden
  • Screening
  • Low Maintenance
  • Dioecious (fruits only on female plants
  • need 1 male plant with females for fruit)

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