Hydrangea arborescens (wild hydrangea)


Wild hydrangea are native just a tad south and west of us. Offering this hardy Hydrangea gives us the opportunity to plant a native variety. It is larval host to Hydrangea Sphinx Moth and a pollen and nectar source for many pollinators. It can get up to 3-5′, but flowers bloom on new stems from June into the fall, so cut to the ground in spring before new growth. This Hydrangea is a white lacecap and the color cannot be manipulated by changing the PH of the soil.
Hydrangea arborescens (wild hydrangea)
  • 2′-4′ Height, 3′-5′ Spread
  • Part Shade to Shade
  • Wet to Average Soil
  • June, July, August Bloom
  • Host Plant
  • Pollinator Plant
  • Attracts Bees and Butterflies
  • Hedging
  • Rain Garden
  • Non New England Ecotypic

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