Solidago odora (anise-scented goldenrod, sweet goldenrod)


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Anise-scented goldenrod is somewhat obviously named, it’s leaves smell like licorice! It is non- aggressive, is low growing, and does well in a garden setting! Goldenrods are a keystone species, and pollinator powerhouses! Deer and rabbit resistant and most are drought tolerant. They also DO NOT cause Hay Fever!! Ragweed does and it’s very unassuming flowers bloom at the same time. It is actually an incredibly important late season nectar and pollen source for butterflies, moths, bees and wasps!! Both Goldenrods and Asters are incredibly important to Monarchs, during their migration as a nectar and pollen source, after they have hatched from their host plant, milkweed. The plants and insects that evolved here naturally together have symbiotic relationships, they are all important to each other’s survival. “These pollinator magnets(goldenrods) and top host plants support 115 species of Lepidoptera. Several caterpillars that feast on goldenrod include the brown-hooded owlet, the camouflaged looper, the common pug, the striped garden caterpillar, and the goldenrod gall moth. In addition to being a host plant, goldenrods attract a great many pollinators, including solitary wasps, soldier beetles, mining bees, the polyester bees as well as many other specialized native bees. Butterflies that will frequent your goldenrod include the Monarch, Hairstreaks, and Painted Ladies. I have also seen many birds feasting on their seed heads, including sparrows, chickadees, juncos, and downy woodpeckers.” -Cape Conservation Corps

Solidago odora (anise-scented goldenrod, sweet goldenrod)

  • Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Average to Dry Soil
  • 1′-3′ Heigth, 1′-2′ Width
  • Keystone Species(supports 40+ native bee specialists)
  • Pollinator Powerhouse
  • Host Plant
  • Fragrant
  • Edible
  • Medicinal
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Deer/Rabbit Resistant
  • Salt Tolerant
  • Supports Birds
  • Supports Wildlife
  • Non-Aggressive Variety
  • Low Maintenance
  • Adaptable
  • Rain Garden
  • Meadow
  • Hell Strip

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