Spiraea alba (white meadowsweet)


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“This mound-shaped shrub, 3-6+ ft. tall and wide, bears numerous, fine-textured, erect, unbranched stems. Deciduous foliage is yellow-green, turning golden-yellow in fall. Tiny white flowers are arranged in conical, terminal spikes. A woody shrub with a dense, pyramidal, terminal cluster of small, white or pale pinkish flowers. The brown fruit, which persists after flowering, is a distinctive feature of all Spiraea. Although less spectacular than the showy, introduced garden spiraeas, this native species is most suitable for naturalistic landscaping. Virginia Spiraea (S. virginiana), with a rounded, short, broad flower cluster and thin oblong leaves, is found from Ohio and Pennsylvania south to Georgia and Louisiana.” -Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Spiraea alba (white meadowsweet)

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